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We strive to produce our de-scaling machines to fulfil and surpass our customers’ expectations, with regard to both results and performance but also of equal importance, environment protection. It is of utmost importance to us that our Rustibus® machines do nothing to harm the environment they are used in.

Our experience since 1978 and the fact that there are many thousands of Rustibus® machines out there has shown us that we are on the right track. Satisfied customers and satisfactory sales is evidence of this.

Exporting to the shipping industry worldwide through our offices in Norway, Antwerp, Singapore, Houston and Kuala Lumpur, we aim to be the customer’s first choice in maintenance equipment for the marine and offshore/onshore industries.

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Rustibus’s home is nestled in a stunning archipelago to the south of Bergen, an area laced with strong maritime traditions. Located on the island of Selbjørn, Bekkjarvik has a population of 485. An old trading post, with an inn that has been in operation since the 1600s, Bekkjarvik is situated within the municipality of Austevoll, which is made up of 667 islands just to the south of Bergen on the beautiful west coast of Norway.


Austevoll is famous for its fishing, wild sheep and exceptional nature. Being so close to nature Austevoll is covered in walking tracks that take hikers through some of the most unspoiled coastal landscapes you can find.

Bekkjarvik is especially known for herring, as they salted herring and made thousands of barrels at an old barrel factory.

Tracks take hikers through some of the most unspoiled coastal landscapes you can find

Enjoy fine dining at the Bekkjarvik guest house, winner of the Bocuse d’Or gold medal 2015, making this unassuming eatery one of the finest restaurants in the world. This traditional guest-house was built and established sometime around the end of the 1600s, by royal order of Danish King Christian Quart who decreed that inns should be built at each half or full day’s journey by sail along Norway’s inland coastal route.