Air Filter & Lubricator


Length: 300 mm / 12”
Width: 400 mm / 16”
Height: 300 mm / 12”
Total Weight: 6 kg / 13 lbs
Working Pressure: 0,5-8 bar / 7.2 –116 psi
Max Air Flow: 2000 L / min at 6,3 bar

Item Number:
ISSA: 55.337.00
IMPA: 59.08.45

The Rustibus® Air Pro. removes harmful particles and water condensation from your air line. Rustibus® Air Pro. will also keep your air tools and compression equipment lubricated (using a fogging system), so the air tools work at peak efficiency as well as increasing their life. A regulator is used to maintain the pressure at a level suitable for the item in use.

Delivered with Air Connector Set – Ready For Use.