Clean Ocean Initiative

The general actions and environmental impact of the world’s population is now affecting the oceans under such extreme pressure. Consequently, Rustibus has begun the “Rustibus Clean Ocean Initiative (RCOI)”.

We at Rustibus will promote and emphasize the importance of clean oceans around the world, as well as participate in subsidizing clean port bins at ports we operate in. Rustibus will strive to educate our clients, through our general customer relation interactions, on clean ocean methods while acting together on ways to achieve cleaner ocean’s moving forward.

Rustibus will also promote, endorse, and execute R&D on products that can be provided to ship owners that share our commitment to making a difference in our oceans worldwide. This is a nonprofit initiative.

In the Summer of 2018 we launched the “Rustibus Clean Ocean Initiative (RCOI)”. The “Rustibus Clean Ocean Initiative” is a global program where we will promote and collaborate with our clients to reduce plastic & waste in the oceans. The “RCOI” is an educational and executional pledge to all stakeholders relevant, but in particular ship owners, crew, port captains, port authorities, Agents etc., with whom we operate worldwide. We will also dedicate a portion of the Rustibus Group profits and resources towards this initiative, as well as seek sponsors in ship owning organizations, maritime authorities, maritime forums and foundations whom share our vision of a cleaner ocean for all.

After 40 years of providing Rustibus products to maritime clients worldwide, we believe working together is the only way we can make a difference in our oceans. Join Rustibus in our commitment to cleaning up our oceans worldwide.

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