Environmental Impact

Machines & Spares

Our design and choice of materials makes up the foundation for the long lifespan on our machines and their consumable spare parts. The fact that our machines last for a generation or two is what keeps us in a quality range, along with our spare parts giving up to 500 m2 clean deck before replacement. The durability of our spare parts are unbeatable.


Packaging & Freight

  • We are moving away from plastic in our packaging and have introduced plastic free wrapping for our spare parts and machines.
  • We are sourcing our freight options carefully are choosing the most conscious companies. We are trying to avoid any airfreight.


Operation – Removal of rust and paint

  • We serve our customer the best and the most efficient solution on the market, and we allow for waste collection during operation.
  • Delivered directly to our customers and making sustainable deck maintenance possible for shipowners worldwide.
  • 1 sq.meter = 2 kg waste.


Admin & Internal

  • All materials used in every part of our organization, shall be easy to recycle. Administration as well as production.
  • Don’t print unless necessary.
  • Zero waste on resources like water, power, and food.
  • All our offices have waste management stations for sorting plastic, glass, metal, and paper.

Cleaning the ships is only half the job. Collecting and disposing the waste is the other half.