Transparency Act

Rustibus Worldwide is aware of our responsibility to ensure fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of our services and products. As a result, Rustibus Worldwide has established routines for due diligence assessments related to the company’s suppliers.

To comply with the Transparency Act, which entered into force on 1 July 2022, Rustibus Worldwide has implemented several measures. An important step has been to update guidelines for the work with basic human rights and decent working conditions in management. The board has therefore decided that the company’s administrative management shall implement new routines for due diligence assessments, internal guidelines, and routines for internal control in order to correctly implement the guidelines in the company to satisfy the requirements of the Transparency Act. We will use these as a starting point for the company’s further work with compliance with the law.

The work with the due diligence assessments that the company will carry out is also in progress. In the future, we will work continuously with measures to ensure that our contracting parties and suppliers comply with basic human rights and decent working conditions. An account of this work will be updated and made available on our website.

Other information about Rustibus Worldwide’s work to ensure fundamental human rights and our social responsibility is:

Due Diligence Assessment and Rustibus Code of Conduct

We will be helpful in responding to requests for information on how Rustibus Worldwide handles the actual and potential negative consequences our business has for human rights and decent working conditions.

Questions about Rustibus Worldwide’s work with the Transparency Act or information requirements pursuant to the Transparency Act § 6 can be sent to the following email: will be answered on an ongoing basis in accordance with the deadlines of the law.